Locomotive Roster

Diesel Locomotives

80-Ton #4

Photograph by David H. Hamley

General Electric 80-Ton #4

Built: November 1943; Acquired 1971; 500 Horsepower

Number 4 is the oldest diesel locomotive in our fleet and no-longer operates. It is also the last piece of equipment from the "original" Everett Railroad that is still on the roster.

D8-32B 561

GE D8-32B 561

Built: 1989; Acquired: 2017; Horsepower: 3150

Number 561, our largest and most-powerful locomotive, was acquired from Norfolk Southern in 2017. Built for that railroad as Number 3561 in 1989, she was renumbered to 561 in 2013 and was retired from service in 2015.

GP10 707

EMD GP10 #707

Built: 1956; Acquired: 2004; Horsepower: 1850

#707 was acquired from the Ohio Central in 2004. Built in 1956 as a GP9 for the Illinois Central, the railroad rebuilt her into a GP10 at their Paducah Shops in the early 1970s. The most-traveled locomotive on the Everett roster, 707 has also served the Illinois Central Gulf, Gulf & Mississippi, and MidSouth Railroads and Qwest Communications.

GP16 1712

EMD GP16 #1712

Built: 1950; Acquired: 2002; Horsepower: 1600

Number 1712 began life on the Clinchfield as GP7 911. In 1981, Seaboard Coast Line rebuilt 911 into a GP16. She went on to serve CSX and RJ Corman before coming to the Everett Railroad in 2002.

GP16 1828

EMD GP16 #1828

Built: 1952; Acquired: 2001; Horsepower: 1600

Number 1828 began life on the Seaboard Air Line (SAL) as GP7 1978. In 1981, Seaboard Coast Line (the successor to SAL) rebuilt her into GP16 4782. She went on to serve CSX and RJ Corman before coming to the Everett Railroad in 2001.

Steam Locomotives

B&H #11

R.C. Gray photo, negative collection of Tom Lawson. Used with permission.

ALCO 2-6-0 #11

Built: 1920; Acquired 2006

#11 was built in 1920 by Alco for Cuba, but was never delivered. Instead, it was acquired by the Narragansett Pier Railroad, for whom it served until 1938. It also served the Bath & Hammondsport and Rail City, before being acquired by the Middletown and New Jersey in 1982. The M&NJ sold the locomotive to the Everett's owner in 2006. After a nine-year restoration, Number 11 returned to service in 2015 and serves as the Everett Railroad's primary excursion motive power.

Learn more about, and view photos of, Number 11.

1929 Baldwin 2-8-0 #38 on the Huntingdon & Broad Top Mountain at Saxton, PA

Photographer unknown, Keith Burkey Collection. Used with permission.

Baldwin 2-8-0 #38

Built: 1927; Acquired: 2008

#38 was the last steam locomotive acquired new by the Huntingdon & Broad Top Mountain Railroad, the last steam locomotive that they operated, and is the last H&BTM locomotive in existence. After the H&BTM closed in 1954, #38 went on to serve in excursion service at Rail City Museum, the Livonia Avon & Lakeville, the Gettysburg Railroad, and the Knox and Kane. Number 38 is currently stored on the Everett Railroad awaiting restoration.

Learn more about, and view photos of, Number 38.

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